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  • Roadmap To Destiny Workshop Series
    Next Session Starts Spring 2023
    Google Meet Invite/In-person
    Next Session Starts Spring 2023
    Google Meet Invite/In-person
    Is something missing in your life, although on the surface you appear to have everything you need? Does your life feel somewhat "off", although technically, your job seems to be everything you want? Sign up for the Roadmap To Destiny Workshop Series in Spring 2023 and discover your true destiny.
Your FDTD Experience: Upcoming Events

Your FDTD Coaching Experience

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in what I call a “stuck” place. You want to move forward, but you’re not sure of where to move. Or you know where you want to move or what you want to do, but you’re not sure of how, this is where I can help. As a Lifestyle Coach, I partner with my clients to help them identify areas of needed growth and goals to be reached.

Through honesty, directness, and straightforward questions, that may be challenging, I utilize my clients’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to (1) make decisions about changes they would like to make; (2) develop a personal growth plan to make those changes; (3) implement the growth plan, and (4) develop strategies to maintain and continue to grow.

Each coaching experience is customized based on the personality, needs, and goals of each client. I strongly believe all the answers we are searching for about ourselves are found within ourselves, sometimes you just need someone to help us bring them out. If you are willing to work with me, I can help you not just survive but thrive as you pursue your goals.

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