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Shutdown & Restart

Let's take a minute to REGROUP

There was so much excitement coming into 2020. Plans to travel, graduations to look forward to, renewed hopes and dreams, then Corona (covid-19) hit leaving us shocked and dismayed at how the world shut down. We lost loved ones, we lost jobs, and some of us even lost hope. The world we once knew now looks vastly different.

So, through the pandemic and unforeseeable future, how do we find or maintain hope? How do we see past the sea of face masks and social distancing to spot A glimmer of hope? Well, I think the best way to find it, is to find something positive in all the chaos. Start with one thing, then build on that one thing daily. Each day add to that one glimmer of hope. Then share with someone to help build them up. (?) Let us start now…share at least one positive thing you’ve experienced during this chaotic time.

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