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Inner Light

Sometimes the glimmers of hope come that have nothing to do with the situation you’re dealing with...

So I have a question if your situation doesn’t change, can you still find glimmers of hope?

For example, a situation may arise that causes you to have one of those gut-wrenching laughs that make your stomach hurt and your eyes tear up. Your situation hasn't changed (for better or worse), but something within YOU shifted. I had one of those experiences. During a rough season in my life, I had no job, my car was about to be repossessed, I was on the verge of being evicted from my apartment, and I had been praying fervently for a check from anywhere to show up in my mailbox.

There used to be a saying that said, be careful what you pray for. After praying fervently and unceasing for weeks for a check, I went to the mailbox, and there it was... I could see from the window of the envelope where it said: “Paid to the order of…”I started shouting and thanking God as I started speed walking back to the apartment. As I entered the apartment I couldn't wait to rip open the awesome blessing the Lord had sent me, only to reveal a $2 check from an incomplete layaway deposit. I tell you, I stared at that check and I laughed so hard that my stomach and my jaws ached. I couldn’t even be mad or disappointed at the amount of the check because God answered my prayer. But in reality, that $2 check did way more for me than I ever would have thought it would. Although that $2 check could not solve any of the financial problems I was facing, the laughter alone made me feel better at that moment, than I had felt in months. It also released a lot of the pressure and anxiety I had been feeling. Proverbs 17:22 tells us that a cheerful heart is good medicine. Sometimes how we handle ourselves in the midst of difficult situations is all the glimmer of hope we need. Glimmers of hope can also be found inside us. We just have to be willing to look at our situations from a different perspective.

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